As an integrative-humanistic counsellor I see human beings as whole people. In my work I draw mainly from the theories of Gestalt-, Existential-, Person-Centred-Therapy and CCT. I integrate elements of Mindfulness and Meditation, Art Therapy and Ecotherapy.
In my counselling practice in Kenmare I provide a safe environment, a trusting relationship, support and warmth to my clients. I seek to assist people who are in crisis or are searching for meaning and purpose in life. I believe that all of us constantly remake and discover ourselves throughout our lifetime. We all have a capacity for self-awareness, freedom of choice, responsibility and self-healing. Through awareness and insight we can resolve our problems and make constructive changes to our lives when and where appropriate.
As my client you can use counselling as a tool which can assist you to define your own values, make informed decisions, choose your goals and a course of action that is right for you. You can assume responsibility and accountability for the decisions you make. Through exploration and reflection and through increased awareness of experience in the present moment we can work together to deepen your self-knowledge, to empower you to make new choices, and to further develop your ability to tolerate and cope with life's challenges. This can lead you to an increased experience of unity and wholeness of thinking, feeling and behaving, and you can take responsibility for your own life.
I want to invite you into an active relationship in which I will be your co-explorer. My aim is to create a safe climate in which you can try out new ways of being. My task is not to persuade you to do what I think is right. I am not the ‘all knowing’ expert who will ‘fix’ you.
Instead I want to assist you in developing and moving closer to your own goals, realising your potential, and fully step into who you truly are.
This is done with foremost respect to your right to decide which principles you will use as a framework for your life. I will support your work on healing your emotional pain and trauma, and on reconnecting with your true self. In this way you can create a more resourceful and fulfilling way of life.  

In Kenmare I offer one-to-one and couples counselling sessions which take place weekly. Sessions last for 60 minutes.
Together we can discuss and arrange a time that is convenient to meet each week.
The full fee per session is 60.- Euro (couples 70.- Euro).  

People use my counselling services for many reasons such as​
  • abuse
  • anxiety
  • bereavement and loss
  • cancer diagnosis
  • depression
  • low self esteem
  • major life changes
  • relationship problems
  • sexuality
  • suicidal thoughts and attempts
  • trauma


What my clients say

  • "The time I spent with you has been invaluable in terms of how I meet situations  now - even situations where I feel most vulnerable."

  • "Thank you so much for your support over the last year. It's been quite a journey, but you've made it an easy one."

  • "I worked through a life changing time with Gitti. With her support, I learned many tools to help me see my way through. A few years have past since and I have not forgotten those tools or her amazing support."
  • "Your work is very valuable and means a lot."

  • "You have helped me to find the inner strength to view my situation with new eyes."

  • "This card is just a little note so you can see the fantastic work you do for people and the appreciation I have for all the help you gave me last year when I needed it the most."

  • "Your help will always mean more than words can tell."
  • "You made it possible for me to meet myself."
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