workshops and talks with Gitti Maas
If you or the organisation you work with would like to arrange any of the the interactive workshops I offer, please get in touch with me to discuss details.

Contextual-Conceptual Therapy
an introduction to CCT Suicide Therapy

 A 45 minute presentation for professionals on the only therapy model specifically for suicide I am aware of.
This presentation offers an overview over CCT and has been useful as a preparation for a CCT workshop.

For additional information on CCT please visit my page CCT Suicide Therapy.


  Created for people who feel that worries are beginning to take over their life. 

  In this workshop participants will gain an overview on what anxiety is, what can cause it, and how they
  can support themselves. Participants will gain insights into the role of nutrition, physical exercise, and the  
  therapeutic use of Mindfulness. Different ways of self-talk and how to approach strong emotions will be

Workshop duration: 3 hours incl, a 30 min break.

safeTALK Suicide Prevention*

  I am a  LivingWorks safeTALK Trainer and endeavour to help make Kenmare a suicide safer community
  by frequently delivering this free suicide awareness workshop in the wider Kenmare area.

  If you or the organisation you work with would like to arrange a safeTALK, please get in touch with me
  or directly with the HSE Suicide Prevention Officer

* "SafeTALK 'suicide alertness for everyone' is a half day training programme that prepares participants to identify persons with
   thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources. These specific skills are called suicide alertness and are taught
   with the expectation that the person learning them will use them to help reduce suicide risk in their communities. Participants
   learn how to provide practical help to persons with thoughts of suicide in only a few hours. Following a safeTALK
   workshop you will be more willing and able to perform an important helping role for persons with thoughts of suicide."


This talk in the SOUL SEARCH series explores how courage, compassion and connection can help us to feel that we belong, and that we are being enough. It encourages you to embrace your imperfection and wholehearted living by cultivating authenticity, creativity, resilience, joy, and gratitude.

The duration of this talk is 60 minutes.
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